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KATCH participated in various research workshops, cultural events, seminars, exhibitions… and experienced enormous success within his artistic works. Heralded by the art-critics as POP'ART ARTIST very nouveau-genre, KATCH's works are more than simple compositions executed to excel the highest level in GRAPHIC DESIGN. Keenly identifiable as optical aphorisms, each piece exposes confrontational values, by transforming common objects, into intelligible messages rich in sarcasm and iconoclastic tones. By creating a visual synthesis charged with subtle humour, KATCH's inquisitive eye, transforms pictographic elements with plenty of daring and harmony, into pure ART.
Since the colours selections are applied from the palette offered by the manufacturer, the perfect HARD-EDGE*execution of KATCH's acrylics on canvas, emulates silk-screen printing. Plexiglas, glass and mirror panels are other media often used to support collages of three-dimensional objects in conjunction with neon tubing as an interactive element. Executed in variable styles, KATCH's trademark hearts are present in many of his compositions with roles that seem to reflect the struggle of humanity, in placing materialism against idealized love. Finally, the graphic element in KATCH's work is often complemented by written idiomatic expressions that bring voice to the visual aspect of the composition creating a direct and witty dialog with the viewer who can read between the lines.
Cynical yet hopeful, KATCH sagacious symbolism, stands as an ongoing commentary facing our society and forces us to reflect about the false values confronting the human spirit.